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Major signs, symptoms and causes of insomnia and the natural cure

Insomnia is a sleep disorder which causes an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired.
There are three broad types of Insomnia i.e. transient, acute, or chronic based on period of inability to fall asleep. When symptoms of insomnia last for less than a week then it is transient insomnia. When symptoms of insomnia found consistently for a period of less than a month then it is an acute insomnia and when symptoms of insomnia found for longer than a month it is chronic insomnia.

Causes of Insomnia

Causes of insomnia differ with types of insomnia.

1) Causes of Transient insomnia : Transient insomnia can be caused by changes in the sleep environments, by the changes in the timings of sleep, depression, by another disorder, or by stress.

2) Causes of acute insomnia are :
  • Life stress such as job loss or job change, death of life partner, metal or emotional tension, fear, financial tension, divorce, change of home etc.
  • Changes in normal sleep timings (change from a day to night shift, jet log)
  • Illness
  • Uses of caffeine (coffee), nicotine (cigarette), alcohol can causes acute insomnia symptoms
  • Surroundings factors like extreme temperatures, noise, light that interfere with sleep
  • Some medications used to treat colds, asthma, allergies, depression, and high blood pressure
 3) Causes of chronic insomnia include Pain or discomfort at night, Depression and anxiety and Chronic stress

Major signs symptoms and causes of insomnia


Beware of medical cure of insomnia that can be more dangerous than the problem itself:

A sleeping pill may be effective at ending your symptoms of insomnia for short-term. Common side effects of prescription sleeping pills such as Lunesta, Ambien, Sonata, Rozerem and are endless – signs of weakness, Headache, signs of uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body, signs of burning or tingling in the hands, arms, feet, or legs, Changes in appetite, Constipation symptoms, Diarrhea symptoms, Gas symptoms, Heartburn symptoms, signs of difficulty keeping balance, signs of dizziness, Drowsiness, Dry mouth and throat signs, signs of stomach pain or tenderness, Unusual dreams etc.
side effects of insomnia treatment causes symptoms and signs

Here is a natural lifetime cure which is easy to implement and scientifically proved (read further to know what specialist doctors has put in the published research papers) for insomnia without any side effects.

Perfect Nights Sleep

Experience the deep sleep you’ve always been searching for

signs symptoms causes of insomnia and Perfect Nights Sleep

  1. Simply download Perfect Night’s Sleep.
  2. Plug in your headphones to your music player. You need to use only headphones to get results.
  3. Hit play. No need for consciously trying to do anything when listening to Binaural Beats to get results. You can even play it while working, walking, studying, reading, and cooking.
  4. Your mind will automatically be trained to achieve a deep sleep.
buy signs symptoms and causes of insomnia

Perfect Night’s Sleep is an all-natural alternative that causes you fall asleep in minutes without the aid of harmful medications.

With this 46-minute recording, you will experience:

  • A deep and peaceful sleep within minutes
  • A more refreshed mind and body when you wake
  • A safe way to train your mind to fall asleep
  • A 100% natural sleep solution
  • No side effects or harmful medications

How do binaural beats work?

By using advanced sound frequencies, binaural beat recordings causes to alter brainwave activity safely and effectively. When you listen to these recordings, your brainwaves are lowered. This causes a deep relaxation, which allows you to achieve a deep dreamless sleep, hypnosis, deep meditation and other altered states previously only experienced by Zen Monks and yoga masters.

signs symptoms causes of insomnia and binaural beats


Therapeutic Qualities of Binaural Beats

Below are few researches that prove psychological benefits of using binaural beats.

1) Dr Arthur Hastings, PHD, 1975, "Tests of the Sleep Induction Technique"

Conclusion: Binaural Beats usage influences people to fall asleep.

2) "EEG Disentrainment Feedback", Dr Ochs, 1993

This research suggests that there is no need for subjects to be consciously trying to do anything when listening to Binaural Beats to get results. Simply listening to them is enough!

3) Research Papers from Wilson, 1990, and Rhodes, 1993

Conclusion: Binaural Beats increase relaxation, meditation, pain management, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

4) Research from Robert Monroe, Monroe Institute

Binaural Beats "increase focus, problem solving, creativity, memory, learning, sleep induction, pain control and enhanced learning".

5) "Auditory Beats in the Brain", Dr Gerald Oster, 1973, Scientific American

In this first piece of Binaural Beat research, Dr Oster conclusively proved that Binaural Beats do work.
buy signs symptoms and causes of insomnia and the Perfect Nights Sleep